Excerpt About Struggle

When We Recognize that We are the Source of What We Need

So the more we recognize that we are the source of what we need, the more we are relaxed and light about the inner path. Then it can stop being a path of struggle, a path of effort, where we try to make something happen as if inner work were a matter of accomplishment. If you realize that the source is within you, then you realize you just need to be relaxed, open, and open minded and to let things happen on their own. You don’t need to do anything about them. When we can recognize and allow that ease, then the unfoldment of our souls becomes a natural and spontaneous thing. And then inquiry becomes a lighthearted playful participation in the soul’s journey. So as you see, all of the elements we have discussed in this chapter interconnect. Love of the truth—which fuels the inquiry—will manifest itself as an openness, which will spontaneously give rise to a curiosity. The curiosity brings in a lighthearted playfulness, an ease and a flow, a purposeless engagement in life. This playful quality invites a sense of adventure and experimentation in the process of exploring and discovering the nature of reality. And all of these qualities are natural expressions of the Yellow aspect, the heart’s joy and delight in participating in the creative dynamism of the soul’s unfoldment.

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