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Students Will Need to Understand their Judgments and Opinions About the Work

In the old times, it was expected that the student give nothing less than everything—all his money, all his time, everything—because that was, and is, the most effective way. We don’t ask that you do that here. We ask the minimum. But the principle stays the same. There are many stories where a master or teacher asks a student to give his life before he is given any teaching. It is that important. It is not possible to exaggerate how important the teacher is for the student. You can’t judge the importance of your essence because it is you. Without it, you are nothing. To understand that is the most important part of your work. We can see that it is not really possible for the student to judge the
Work until he actually learns its principles in depth. You can have thoughts or ideas or opinions, but you cannot really judge it. So if you want to really benefit from the Work, you will need to understand all your judgments, all your opinions about it, so that you can be open to the nourishment that is needed for your kernel of Essence to grow. You need to question the Work sometimes, but that’s to find the truth and to be able to be open to the truth.

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