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Beginning to See the Non-duality of Subject and Object in Experience

To understand that the soul is the agency, the site, and the varied content of experience will bring us a great deal of clarity about experience. Under normal circumstances, we are aware of simply having experience, but are vague and indefinite about the basics of such experience. what is experience? How does experience happen, where is it, and what exactly is it? To recognize the soul is to become clear about such fundamental questions. This brings us to a further fundamental truth about the soul: Since the soul is the experiencer, the fabric and container of experience, and the content of experience, then the experiencer is not separate from this content. The subject of inner experience is the soul, but so is the content, the object of experience. In other words, as we recognize the soul we begin to see the nonduality of subject and object of experience, at least with respect to inner events. For instance, if we consider an emotion that arises in our consciousness, the agent or experiencer of this emotion is not a subject that experiences it as an object, an object separate and different from this subject. The subject is the field and the emotion is a manifestation of this field, in this field. The emotion is nothing but the field itself with a certain manifestation or frequency arising in some region of it. The field is a field of sensitivity, so it is sensitive to this change in frequency or vibration.

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