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Moving to the Actual State of Support
The most important insight needed for a student to move from the deficient lack of support to the actual state of support is a recognition that the feeling of helplessness, of not knowing what to do to be oneself, is not a natural deficiency, nor a personal failing. It is rather, the recognition of the fundamental truth about the self, which is that we cannot do anything in order to be, for to be is not an activity. We can come to this understanding only through the cessation of intentional inner activity. At this point, not to know what to do is a matter of recognizing the natural state of affairs, for since there is nothing that we can do to be, then it is natural that we cannot know what to do. There is nothing to know because such knowledge is impossible. Nobody knows what to do to be, and the sooner we recognize this, the easier is our work on self-realization.

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