Excerpt About Surrender

Activity of the Personality is Not Surrender
The personality can only perpetuate itself. The moment you try to do something, you're on the wheel of action and reaction which is what we call the wheel of samsara. Perhaps to you surrender means that you will engage in an activity. But the activity of the personality is a rejection, which is ultimately hope and desire, leading to frustration. How can that be surrender? Surrender can only be awareness of activity. When you are aware of that activity, you're not interested in engaging in it. If you can feel the core of frustration directly and understand what it is, you are not engaged in it even though you might be feeling it. And the more you see it, the more it becomes ego-alien. If you see the activity and don't go on with it, then the essential state which you've been resisting will arise and melt away the contraction and reactivity. What arises is a kind of acceptance and love, which flows and melts you away.

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