Excerpt About Synthesis

Synthesis Refers to the Way You Might Suddenly See How Things Fit Together

Synthesis is the recognition of the underlying unity that is already present in the various elements of a situation. Sometimes synthesizing means seeing the common factor that brings apparently unrelated elements together; it is seeing a factor that is already present in the situation but not perceived at the outset. For instance, if you are considering several experiences or impressions, to try to connect them in some logical fashion is not synthesis. Synthesis refers to the way that you might suddenly, in a flash, see how they fit together. That flash occurs by you perceiving the unifying factor that is common to all of the elements. Synthesis is the opposite of analysis, which is the process of dividing things up. Synthesis does not come by simply putting things together. You can never take two things, relate them in a linear way, and then come up with a synthesis. You can call that organization, you can call it combination—but it is not synthesis, at least not from the perspective of Brilliancy. Putting things together by connecting them would be more like integration. Synthesis is something more fundamental than that. The synthetic quality of Brilliancy gives our mind and consciousness the capacity to perceive the self-existing unity that is already present in the situation, the common factor in the various elements or objects under consideration.

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