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Each Teaching is an Expression of a Particular Logos

In other words, each genuine teaching is absolute in the sense that it is an objective perception and understanding of reality. But each is absolute relative to its own particular logos, a logos that reveals reality objectively and truly, but differently than other logoi. The principle that explains the differences and similarities in the wisdom teachings is, then, relative absolutism. It is neither absolutism nor relativism. Each teaching is the expression of a particular logos, an authentic way reality manifests itself to individuals. It is not the creation of an individual or a group of individuals, or even a historical or cultural context. These provide the channel, the clearing, or the invitation for a particular authentic way reality can manifest itself, but this way is the creation of the universal logos, the creative dynamism of the ultimate truth. Because each teaching expresses and embodies a particular logos, it is not normally possible, or advisable, to consider that they are talking about the same thing, or that one will experience similar things by traversing their corresponding paths. It is also not possible to translate the experiences and conceptualization of two teachings in a one-to-one manner, for such correlation is frequently not present. Furthermore, it is at best unrealistic to compare two teachings in terms of conceptualizations, experiences, and realizations.

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