Excerpt About Technique

Understanding is Not a Technique

But, we’re talking about understanding, and of course, everything leads to the unknowable. The process of understanding is what’s important. It is the actual method of the path, it’s the path itself and it’s also the fruit of the path. It is life itself. human life can be seen as understanding. It can also be seen from other perspectives, such as love or will. But, today we’re looking from the perspective of understanding. I’m saying all this so that we know that understanding is not just another little tool that we’re using to get to some goodie. There are all kinds of techniques for trying to get goodies: positive affirmation, meditation, various spiritual and physical exercises. There’s this tool and that technique, and then there’s understanding, unique in its relationship to reality. Understanding is not a technique. Understanding is the organic process of living itself. It is the unfoldment of Being as it reveals its mystery and beauty.

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