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Seeing the Movement of Thoughts as a Feverish Activity to Get Something

When you are aligned with reality, there’s no concern about whether there’s pain or no pain. Reality is what is there right at this moment. The truth is understanding and accepting reality. An unconditional understanding of that reality is the only possible sane attitude that a person can take. And ultimately, it is not an action or an attitude at all. It is simply the truth. When you see the movement of your emotions as rejection of the present and desire for something else, when you see the movement of your thoughts as a feverish activity to experience something, to get something, to hope for something, to imagine something that is better than now, you’ll see that the feelings will stop, the thoughts will become quiet, and there will be complete emptiness. The emptiness, then, is the absence of all personality. Then it is possible for essence to be there in the most real way, in the only real way. This can happen only through understanding, only through the truth, and through nothing else. Understanding is simply understanding, not an achievement of understanding. Understanding means seeing exactly what is there. It is the action of selfless love. You can’t see what is there if you are rejecting what is there. You can begin by understanding your rejection of what is there.

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