Excerpt About Time

Illogic that Arises from the Concept of Time
Yes, that’s definitely the case, your body and my body are aging. That’s a valid way of viewing time. But there is another point of view. You could see that your body at this moment is not in a continuum with your body from ten years ago. Your body at this moment appears right now, and your body from fifteen years ago doesn't exist here and now. How can something that doesn't exist produce something that is here right now? That's actually the less logical perspective. We skim over that illogic because we believe the concept of time and, hence, of causality. If you apply logic completely, you have to question how something that doesn't exist could produce something that exists right now. How could that be? Conventional thinking is far less logical than the point of view I'm presenting. I'm saying that there is something real, the ground of all that is here, that is at this very moment manifesting things spontaneously each instant.

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