Excerpt About Timelessness

The Experience of Timelessness Still Retains the Concept of Time

Now total nonconceptuality reveals that the experience of timelessness still retains the concept of time. Just think about it: It is called “time-less-ness,” which begins with time and then takes it away. Although it means “no time” or “the absence of time,” you have to know time first before you can know timelessness. It is the polar opposite of time. So time is on one end and timelessness is on the other end. The two are inextricably tied in a polarity. The moment you know time, it is possible to know timelessness. And the moment you know timelessness, it is possible to know time. True nonconceptuality is neither time nor timelessness. It is no time without knowing that there is no time. In true nonconceptuality, the sense of Being doesn’t have the usual sense of time. So in the total now, there is no sense of time and there is also no sense of timelessness or eternity. It is much simpler than either of those options. More like, “Time? What’s that?” Does a bird or a lizard experience timelessness? Does it experience time? I always wonder about this because I am interested in what it means to go truly beyond mind. You can’t go beyond mind as long as you have a neocortex. That is why I think of the lizard, which doesn’t have much of a neocortex and can’t think even if it wants to. The lizard can’t conceptualize, but obviously it perceives and responds as if it recognizes and knows its reality.

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