Excerpt About Transformation

The Developmental Side of Transformation

The other side of the transformation of individual consciousness is its development. Our consciousness is not only clarified, but it is actually a growing organism. It’s an organism that evolves. Its capacity for experience, feeling, and responsiveness, and its perceptual capacities keep developing and maturing. And the various qualities, forms, and dimensions of true nature are instrumental in developing those capacities and faculties that we need not only for further realization but also for the expression of the realization we already have attained. The process of transformation is a maturing of individual consciousness that expands the capacities we already have and also develops new faculties that we never had, or had only in a germinal way. Our capacity for discriminating intelligence develops. This is not just the usual human intelligence, but one that becomes an objective guidance that can discriminate and know our experience directly and immediately; it makes connections that our usual intellect cannot. This discriminating intelligence also gives us the capacity to articulate our experience in a precise and alive way. These capacities to both understand experience and communicate it—which most people either don’t have or have to a limited degree—begin to develop as the individual consciousness develops. The same goes for our relational capacity, our ability to interact with and be responsive to others and the world. And our capacity to act can also expand—in its freedom, spontaneity, intelligence, and effectiveness. So our capacities to discern, to relate, and to act can all develop and evolve in unimaginable ways.

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