Excerpt About Transformation

There is No End to Awakening which Means that there is No End to Transformation

When we recognize the gap between our awakening and its expression in our life, we appreciate the importance of transformation. Awakening is the discovery of the truth of what we are and what reality is. Transformation means the clarification and development of the organ, the instrument, so that it has enough lenses, enough limbs, to express and live that realization. We are all at various stages of this transformation, and because true nature is endless mystery, there is no end to the awakening, which means there is no end to the transformation. It’s not as if one day we will be completely transformed and then we are done. For that to happen would mean that there would be nothing new to discover; but there is always something new to discover. And when we discover true nature in a different way, how does it get expressed? Even if there is no issue obstructing its expression, we might not have the instrument through which to communicate it or express it or live it. Developing the appropriate instrument of expression will need some work and some practice. That is one reason why practice continues before enlightenment and after enlightenment.

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