Excerpt About True Identity

Influence of Essential Qualities Emerging into Consciousness

So I understood that even my interest in narcissism as the thread of my inquiry was a result of the point arising in my consciousness. The whole thread—the questions I had, the books I was reading, the feelings I was having, the object relations I was focusing on—was caused by the point arising in consciousness to reveal itself as my true identity. That was what generated in me all the questions and all the states that I described. The experience of the point of light actually got me interested in the narcissism and interested in knowing myself because it was my real self arising. After inquiring for a while, I had a series of insights and recognitions that more explicitly revealed the condition of self-realization. This sequence is true not only for the revelation of the point, but for the unfolding of any essential experience. Whereas I had thought that I was working on these issues and these holes, which then led to various essential resolutions, now I began to see that the entire series of happenings was actually caused by the essential quality emerging from the depth and approaching consciousness. As these qualities and realizations approach consciousness, they affect the mind, they affect the consciousness in ways that help to reveal their nature and their wisdom.

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