Excerpt About True Nature's Nature

Questioning: What is It?

True nature, however, can also manifest as total spaciousness, total emptiness, no presence or light, nothing at all. The question then remains, “What is it?” Is true nature something? Is it something that is manifesting different things, or is it something that changes into different shapes? And if it is something, how can it appear in so many places in so many different ways? Are there many true natures or are all these manifestations the same true nature? And if it is the same true nature, how can one thing appear differently in different people at the same time? Or is this difference simply people’s subjective, relative experience? And if there actually is the experience of awakening to reality, what does it mean, then, if this awakening is subjective experience? Is subjective, relative experience even related to reality? And if awakening is waking up to reality, waking up to how things are, how can there be so many kinds of awakening, so many different possibilities?

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