Excerpt About True Nature's Nature

True Nature Doesn’t Actually Exist Apart from an Individual

And true nature is also what we are. It is what we are regardless of how we experience ourselves—whether as pure presence or as pure awareness or as pure emptiness or as essential identity or as personal presence. So when I say that we are true nature, I mean that we continue to be the individual we are and that we are also this mysterious philosophers’ stone that can be everything at one time or another. This language is tricky because when I say that we as individuals are this stone that can take any of these forms or formlessnesses, it seems to imply that true nature is something that exists on its own. But it doesn’t actually exist apart from an individual. That is to say, it doesn’t exist apart from the thing that it is the nature of, because it is its true nature, the nature of everything. Is true nature something on its own? Is there true nature apart from all the things that true nature is the nature of? If we eliminate all manifestation, would there still be true nature?

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