Excerpt About True Nature

Our True Nature or Beingness is Beyond Our Usual Sense of Identity

In the course of this teaching, I’m frequently using the expression “Being” or “Living Being.” In some sense, I have been using these expressions in a loose way. What I mean is that as an individual consciousness, our true nature or Beingness is beyond our usual sense of identity, is not constructed by our individual mind. This Beingness is the Beingness of everything and everybody and is connected to true nature because it is the true nature of everything. And it’s not only that this Beingness is true nature, but also that this Beingness has an aliveness and a dynamism. As we are understanding ourselves and reality, at some point we recognize that there is something larger, something bigger and more fundamental than our sense of individual self or individual life. There is something that underlies it all, underlies everything and, ultimately, is everything. We can realize this truth to different degrees, which brings in the nondual view that reality is one indivisible unity.

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