Excerpt About True Nature

True Nature is Actually Transforming and Revealing Itself

We could say that true nature transforms our individual consciousness and our heart and mind so that we learn the correct relationship to true nature. But true nature is actually transforming and revealing itself. And part of the revelation of itself is the arising of this humility, this reverence, and this prayerful attitude acknowledging a mystery so fathomless that regardless of how much we realize and understand it, it is still new and there is always more to learn. The more we experience this innate reverence of true nature, the more we have faith and trust in its truth, power, and goodness. And as our trust and faith increase, essential activation intensifies and realization becomes more dynamic and more liberated. So even though there is the possibility of duality and the danger of self-aggrandizement, people who are activated in this way usually don’t become trapped in these; they are interested only in learning more about reality.

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