Excerpt About Turnings of the Wheel

The Wisdom of Nonhierarchy

No matter where we are in the turnings of the wheel of the teaching, it is always reality that continues revealing itself. And it reveals itself through each one of us in every instant. This is the simplicity of the teaching of the fourth turning of the wheel: Each one of us at each moment is reality expressing itself. The idea is not complex or sophisticated. But to feel and know it directly in experience is often difficult because we encounter all kinds of mental obstacles to this simplicity. Even though it is, in some sense, quite simple, we have to go through all the spiritual experiences—the visions and insights, the understandings and processing, the dimensions and illuminations—before we can realize this simplicity. Whatever it is that is happening is really “it.” There isn’t another “it” that we are going toward. In the first and second turnings of the wheel, it seems as if there is an “it” that we are moving toward—deeper revelations and more subtle insights. But by the third turning, we wise up. We realize after we have gotten to the “it”—whatever that might be for different people and different teachings—that there actually isn’t any “it,” and whatever we are experiencing is reality and cannot be anything but reality. Gone is the sense of the hierarchy of realization that appears in the first and second turnings of the wheel. The fourth turning reveals the wisdom of nonhierarchy. There are no levels or degrees of progress, no process or development, no ultimate goal or aim. Instead, there is the pure simplicity of reality expressing itself however it wants.

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