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Divine Indifference

Another kind of realization is the realization of what I call the “clean ordinary.” From this perspective, sipping your green tea is as significant an experience as the enlightenment of emptiness or the realization of love. Any experience of any kind can be experienced as ultimate without being experienced as the totality of true nature. All experience is simply reality doing its thing in one way or another. From this perspective, freedom is the freedom from having to be in any state or condition. This is sometimes referred to as divine indifference. The indifference to what is happening allows things to open and keep moving from one experience to another. And more important than any of the experiences, which can be truly wondrous, is the indifference itself. Indifference doesn’t mean you don’t feel joy or love or anger; it means that it doesn’t matter what you feel or experience. It doesn’t matter in the sense that you are not invested in reality being one way or another; you are not trying to skew your experience one way or another. You are naturally at ease with yourself and with reality. Reality rejoices at this kind of indifference, this total openness and surrender, and expresses this joy by revealing more of its secrets.

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