Excerpt About Ultimates

We are Attached to the Ultimate

But what we discover, which does not become clear until the third and fourth turnings of the wheel, is that we are attached to the ultimate. When we are established in a condition of realization and we feel it always has to be the case that we are in that condition, we are attached to that realization. We can become established in a particular realization in the sense that it becomes home base. And once we come to know this awakening as home base, we become attached to it—just as we are attached to the home base of the self at the beginning of spiritual practice. Our consciousness gravitates toward a particular condition of being, which is natural as we are being established in any awakening. Every time we are relaxed, every time we are at ease, we find ourselves in this condition. But at some point, we become attached: Reality has to be this way and only this way. And if we don’t find that experience, we freak out. “Oh no, where is home? I lost my home. It is in foreclosure!”

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