Excerpt About Ultimates

The Hierarchical View of the Ultimate is Only One Way of Experiencing Realization

I am mentioning these different kinds of nonhierarchical realizations mostly to show that the hierarchical view of the ultimate is only one way of experiencing realization. There are other kinds of realizations that are equally as free, and maybe even more free, where the question of what is ultimate is no longer relevant or productive. It’s not that the ultimate has changed; it’s that the concept of ultimate ceases to function. In fact, one way to understand the holographic realization is to see that each form and every experience is the ultimate experience, in the sense that it is reality in its entirety. As long as we are looking for an ultimate realization, we remain fixed in the hierarchical view. When we recognize the subtle presence of the self and our attachment to conditions of realization in our experiences of nonduality or oneness, reality begins to show further possibilities of realization.

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