Excerpt About Unconditional Love

Christ Consciousness: Universal, Boundless, Unconditional Love

The issue of the Beast arises when Living Daylight is experienced through the heart as a quality of light that is loving and holding. The Loving Light is what some call Christ consciousness: universal, boundless, unconditional love and light. As the Loving Light arises and begins to affect ego activity, what it does specifically is erase egoic hope. Love is action in the now, while hope is for the future. So, as the love arises, it affects the egoic hope, and the more you let go of the hope, the more ego activity ceases. Loving Light arises as a result of seeing the hope as a central part of ego activity. However, the Loving Light provokes the Beast, the structure of hatred which originated in reaction to the loss of this Christ love. The Beast is felt as a resistance and opposition to Loving Light. It is not surprising that the Beast or the devil is a starring character in many mythological stories.

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