Excerpt About Unity

The Sweetness of Connection

We can feel this desire for union, and the experience of union as connection, in various degrees and in any form of relationship—in friendships, with our children or parents, with a lover. There are many kinds of relationships, but I’m thinking of two kinds in particular at the moment. There is the type of friendship where we are companions on the journey—we connect, we help each other support the truth in one another, with a mutual sense of having the other’s best interests at heart. A real friend challenges you where you can’t see yourself and loves you in the process. He or she can accept you as you are and at the same time encourage you to keep growing and expanding. And you give each other encouragement to take the risks needed, becoming more vulnerable to one another and more transparent to your limitless nature. A real friendship has at its roots the willingness to see the truth. And that’s a gift you both give to the world. Sexual lovers are all of the former, or can be, with the added component of the erotic expressing itself in physical ways. The sexual lover is one with whom the physical is a conduit for the drive for union to express itself in a more complete way. Whether or not sexual expression is part of a relationship, the desire for union expresses itself in the desire to rend the veils between you and the other. Erotic energy expresses itself in helping each other become more naked by exposing and enjoying the beauty and the awe of the energetic union. This naturally invites more of it to manifest. There’s a palpable feeling of connection as you both become more in touch with the presence and the sweetness of connection. This gives rise to the joy and the celebration of connection as you go deeper into the discovery of your partner and the shared field as one movement.

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