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The Interpenetration of Souls

Our nature, which is the depth of reality, is oneness, a complete unity, and it is deep, silent, and still. But this absolute nature of ours does not live alone. It is always in divine union with its consort—the creative power and energy that brings everything forward into manifestation. There is the unmanifest and there is the manifest, which are two sides of the same thing. It is not that manifestation comes out of the unmanifest, which is behind it. Yes, there is the unmanifest back and the manifest front, and if you slice them, there is yet again a back and a front at every point; but the spaciousness of the unmanifest and the presence of the manifest always arise as one interpenetrated unity. Within physical manifestation we have both the depth of our nature and the surface of the particular forms, which are always in union, always as one. A relationship between two people can reflect this reality when we feel the drive to be in union. Two individuals can actually express it completely, unified as one field of presence that contains both the receptive and the active as one energy flow. The more each of you is embodying all the attitudes that reflect the pure qualities of the natural condition of being open, receptive, active, and assertive, the more you will experience balance and energy in a creative rhythmic dance that is expressing the unity of the universe. So the erotic can be felt within any relationship that has the energy, love, and drive for the truth and discovery. It might not result in the interpenetration of bodies, but it can be the interpenetration of souls, which is very satisfying in itself.

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