Excerpt About Unity

The One that is Not a Number

Unity feels so threatening because it eliminates separateness—not only duality but separateness. When we experience complete unity, we feel it as the depth of our heart, as our purest identity. When we know who we are without any distraction, without any ideas, without any influences—when we are completely free being ourselves and knowing ourselves exactly for what we are, directly and immediately—we recognize that what we are is the unity of the universe. This unity is the one from which many come, but this one is also very scary, because we feel that there are not many, not three, not two, only one. In fact, it is not even one. It is the One that is not a number, the One that is not the opposite of two or many. It is the One that is everything, the One without any other. That is why the scary thing about this unity is that it is not different from zero. But at the same time, it is the most intimate we can be in our experience—the deepest, the most sincere, the most genuine, the most truthful. This One is an absolute authenticity and realness that has no size at all, no shape. And it is our very center, but when we look, we realize that it is your center, and my center, and his center, and her center, and everybody’s center. It is one, single, and it has no size. It is not a thing, so when we say “one,” we don’t mean one thing. This is a mysterious truth, paradoxical, and, for many of us, it doesn’t make sense.

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