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The Elixir of Enlightenment Reveals Itself in Whatever Form You Need
Our deepest, truest most inner nature is that of unity, of complete unification with no discrimination or differentiation, and this deepest innermost nature must manifest as the transforming agent. This is what is called the elixir of the mind, or the elixir of enlightenment. It reveals itself in whatever form you need in order to learn about unity. If you are interested in the mind, it will reveal itself as mind. If you are more heart-oriented, it will reveal itself as heart. If you are action-oriented, it will reveal itself as will. It loves you so much it is willing to be less than itself so that you will learn about it ... it is itself pure intelligence, and everything is a result of that intelligence. It includes even ignorance and suffering that results from ignorance. This primary first cause, this primary intelligence which every human being has, is itself the hope for unification, and the agent of unification. It is what goes through the process of unification, and leads towards the final result of unification, the unity. It includes differentiation and the movement toward differentiation because even that is part of a bigger movement toward unification. Every living being has some intelligence, an intelligence that is pure brilliance... The innermost nature of everything which exists is this source and agent of unity.

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