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In the Work We Need to Go From a Personal Mind to the Universal Mind

We have seen that the ego defines reality according to the physical part of the Universal Mind. That’s basically what the personal mind is all about. You see yourself and your life and what it means from that perspective. So clearly, the Work is a matter of reeducating the personal mind, disposing of the deluded education from your childhood, and bringing in an education that comes from the Universal Mind. Let the Universal Mind start educating you about how things are. However, because the ego uses concepts ultimately to define everything, it will hold on to any concept to maintain its existence. It will even hold on to universal concepts to make itself exist. It can take experiences of Essence, and say, “Oh, I am Essence.” It is conceptualizing and reifying, and saying, “I am Essence, I am Essence.” It is defining itself as Essence instead of experiencing itself as Essence. So you have a memory of an essential experience, and you say, “That’s me.” But it’s a self-image, as opaque as any other self-image. Although the experience comes from the Universal Mind, the personal mind can use it to continue defining itself. This is why we need to go beyond the Universal Mind to the nonconceptual reality where there is nothing for the ego to use to define itself—there is nothing there to define. So in the Work we need to go from a personal mind to the Universal Mind, which means to go from the realm of the personality to the realm of Essence and its dimensions. But we also need to go beyond that to the realm of the nonconceptual. Otherwise the ego can still use even the objective differentiated perceptions, remembering them and holding onto them in order to define itself.

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