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Seeing the Universe as Oneness Without Its Functioning
When we see the Universe as Oneness without perceiving the functioning, we're looking at a deeper reality in some sense. We're seeing the Supreme dimension of pure presence or maybe the Nameless dimension of pure awareness, and we’re seeing it as a state where time is not there, where it seems there is only eternity. But to see the Universe as Oneness in the level of Christ, time is there but redeemed as real time. Then time is nothing but transformation, change, and functioning. So we redeem the human mind by resurrecting its concepts as real. The concept of time, the concept of space, the concept of an object, the concept of humanity are resurrected as made of consciousness, made of the truth, made of reality. All forms are a direct manifestation of the life of the Father as the Son. This is my understanding of the contribution of Christianity, a contribution that no other tradition so clearly and definitely makes.

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