Excerpt About View of Totality

A View that Accommodates Many Conditions of Realization at the Same Time

Now the view of totality is a radical departure because it is not a view of a certain condition of realization—it is a view that accommodates and utilizes the views of many conditions of realization at the same time. And it is also not an intellectual or abstract perspective. The view of totality has to do with a certain maturation of realization, but it is not a matter of being in a particular state or dimension or condition of realization. It is different from realizing and integrating some dimension of reality and then seeing things anew from the perspective of that dimension. Furthermore, the view of totality is not a conceptual view created by mind, for it is the expression of immediate realization and its understanding. It is not a view that expresses a certain type of realization; rather, it is the expression of realization continually realizing further realization and ceaselessly illuminating reality in novel and unexpected ways. Strictly speaking, the view of totality expresses an unconditional openness to all possible real ways of experiencing and intimately knowing reality.

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