Excerpt About View of Totality

Evolution of the View of Totality

The view of totality evolves, in large part, from the experience and the understanding of the various aspects and vehicles and dimensions of true nature, as seen both on this path and on many other paths. It evolves as we experience the aspects, one after the other, understand them, integrate them, and actualize their perspective about reality. When we are learning about a specific aspect of true nature, many of us have probably had the experience that, as we really get into it, we feel that particular aspect to be the most important of all, that the understanding it brings about reality is the most important one. This happens because as we experience and understand any aspect, we are recognizing its view; we are recognizing the perspective implicit in the aspect itself. The more complete our understanding of any aspect or dimension of true nature, the more we see everything from its inherent viewpoint.

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