Excerpt About Vulnerability

If You're Completely Vulnerable You Don't Make Choices

Student: So you don’t make choices if you’re completely vulnerable?
Almaas: No, if you’re completely vulnerable, you don’t make choices. In a sense, choices are made for you. Your inner source moves in a certain direction. You become like a glove, and Essence is the hand that moves you. The glove doesn’t make a choice. If the glove makes a choice, it won’t let the hand move. If the glove says, “No, I want to go this way,” and the hand says, “No, I want to go that way,” you’re in conflict. That’s what emotional conflict is all about. But if you don’t choose and you let Essence, your nature, function through you, the glove will be permeable, vulnerable to the hand, and then your nature will move you. And your nature has intelligence. We don’t trust that our nature has intelligence, that it will know where to go, what to do. So, we don’t let ourselves be vulnerable to it. We feel we have to choose. But when we are truly vulnerable, the choice is always to go along with the supreme will. We don’t go against it, ever. Our choice is to be vulnerable to the supreme will, which is our true nature.

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