Excerpt About Wanting

Transformation of Our Wanting into the Pure Energy of Desire

Desire, on any level you feel it, has a real energy to it, doesn’t it? It is not something you are blasé about. No, when you want something, you feel an urgency, an intensity: “I really, really want this, even though I may not let anyone see that.” You want it so much that you want to grab it fully, completely. If you really allow those feelings, you feel your whole body full of desire, and you want to eat up that object of your wanting—“It’s mine!” Our wanting usually is quite self-centered to begin with, which is one reason why we might resist feeling it. But we need to allow ourselves to be in the condition in which our desire initially arises. It always begins with somebody wanting something. Good! There’s a self that wants something! Feel it. Don’t push it away. We are not pursuing some spiritual ideal of becoming a selfless being who doesn’t want anything. It is the truth we are after. If this is what is there, we must confront it and understand it. We don’t yet know that our wanting can be transformed into the pure energy of desire, but if we suppress our feelings at any point along the way, we lose the opportunity to focus on the truth of our experience, to find out more about what it means.

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