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Greed is a Characteristic of Insatiable Desire

Let's use a simple example to illustrate this point. Let's take one of the deepest characteristics of the personality, greed. This quality of wanting more and more, of never having enough, has always been observed in the personality and has been criticized and condemned by almost all systems and teachers. Greed has generally been viewed from a materialistic perspective and not much attempt has been made to understand it objectively. Let's apply to this example our perspective that each characteristic of the personality is a false substitute for a characteristic of the essence. The personality usually wants what the essence is, but sees it as outside and also sees it in a distorted way. We saw these factors in our discussion of the merging essence. The personality wants to get the merging essence from outside and imagines it as some kind of a completely fulfilling contact with another being. But the resolution of this desire is an aspect of essence that exists inside us, as us. Greed is wanting more and more from outside. Also, greed is not the desire for something in particular; it is a characteristic of insatiable desire. So it must be a reflection of a characteristic of essence per se and not of a particular essential aspect. It must function as an attempt to fill the hole, the deficiency resulting from the loss of this characteristic of essence.

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