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Accepting What Is, is the Natural State

If you love truth for its own sake, the truth will free you. But if you hope the truth will free you, you cannot be free. You must love the truth for its own sake, without hope. Then there’s no question of freedom/no freedom, no question of essence/no essence, no question of enlightenment/no
enlightenment. It’s just love of truth, and that’s it. Nothing else is there. Anything else will bring discord. Accepting what is, understanding what is there, loving the truth that is happening at every second is the natural state, the state without personality, the state of no-mind, is the state of no-division. It is the state of hanging loose. When I tell you to love the truth, to love what is there, to accept completely what is there without any conditions, what does that mean? What is there at this very moment may be a rejection of what is there. Are you going to reject that rejection? It’s a subtle process to pay attention, and to be aware of that movement. The complete awareness of this movement will bring about understanding, which, as we have said, is the freedom. The truth of the situation is the freedom. Awareness does not need to be motivated. It is what is there. We’re always aware of something. As long as there is motivation for anything, awareness is restricted away from one thing and toward another. When there is no motivation, awareness will just be there, free. With awareness, there is a possibility of understanding, of seeing the truth. Because awareness and understanding are possible, freedom and happiness are possible.

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