Excerpt About What Is

The Non-conceptual is What Is without the Overlay of Our Past Experience

In the last few meetings, we have explored the subject of non-conceptual reality. We have approached the non-conceptual by discussing what concepts are and how they influence perception. Basically, we have tried to get a feeling for what we mean when we speak of experience with concepts and without concepts. Some of us have some inkling of what I mean by concepts, and what I mean by experiencing things without concepts. To experience things without concepts means to experience things without the past, with absolutely no mind, because mind is the filter we put on reality. When we speak here of experience without mind, we mean without discursive or discriminating mind, not without awareness. The non-conceptual is what is, without the overlay of our past experience, our past prejudices, and our minds. This is what is referred to when some traditions, such as Zen, talk about “no mind.”

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