Excerpt About What Is

Accepting What Is
The personality is a point of view. Enlightenment, or reality, is also a point of view -- nothing else. It is not a certain state. The personality is the point of view that there is something we need to get, somewhere we need to go. Enlightenment or freedom or reality is a point of view that "what is" is what is. That is what is there and there is no hope for anything else. When I say, "accepting what is," I do not mean accepting unconsciousness in yourself. Accepting what is means complete consciousness, means complete awareness of what is. When one is unconscious of what is, there is a rejection of what is. The enlightened point of view, or the natural point of view, which is what I prefer to call it, is that there is what is, all the time. It can be personality, Essence, heat or cold. "What is" is what is. Very simple. If there is any attempt to get something else, to change what is there in your inner experience, then there is conflict.

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