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The Real World
We are here to live in a real world, in a real way. The redemption is our recognizing that the world, including all of humanity, is life; the world itself is alive. We recognize that the whole world is made of living consciousness. And we realize also that the nature of the consciousness is love. When we come to a realization of the nature of your soul, we see that it is infused with potential, with all the essential aspects and all the dimensions. We realize that the soul is the cohesion, the integration, and the totality of all of essence. From this perspective, we realize that the Universe is like a universal soul that contains all of the essential qualities. We look around and see the redeemed world, the actual resurrected Universe, which means the world is one and indivisible. The world is not illusory, not a construct, and not a dream. It is a real world that shines with truth, that overflows with love, that transforms with limitless intelligence.

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